[Samba] ACLs in windows clients w/ GPFS

big beer bigbeerjr at gmail.com
Thu May 27 10:29:26 MDT 2010

Hello list,

I've got a ctdb cluster working against a GPFS cluster. I've got ACLs
going and have set the default/active ACLs on my folders. The ACLs
seem to be working fine, they are correctly limiting/allowing access
to the said folders/files.

My issue is that when using the windows client to view/change the ACLs
everything goes south. When trying to view the ACLs via right clicking
on the folder in windows and going to the security tab only shows the
basic unix permissions (owner/group/other). If I try to add a new user
to the ACL via windows it still won't show up in the security window
after adding. When going back to a shell and looking at the ACLs on
the folder in question the new user is present, but the previous ACLs
have been removed.

Any thoughts on how to get these ACLs to show/work through a windows client?


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