[Samba] Problem logging in to LAN

pkaplan1 pkaplan1 at comcast.net
Tue May 25 03:34:06 MDT 2010

Since installing kubuntu 10.04, I've had problems logging in to my account on 
the corporate LAN.  The account is Windows ADL and I need to supply a username 
and pwd for each logon.

A couple of years ago under kde 3.X, I used smb4k to get to network shares, 
but that stopped working w/ kde 4.X so I moved to PyNeighborhood.  With the 
new version of kubuntu, that too stopped working and now I can only get to the 
LAN through the command line, which is cumbersome when I want to quickly get 
to something on the share.  SMB4k can't scan the domain and PyN apparently is 
unsuccessful in sending the password (after several failed attempts, I get 
locked out of the network).

I don't want to set up something in fstab and prefer the samba/gui interface 

I realize this is not strictly a samba problem, but it seems to involve samba 
so I thought I'd start here. Has anyone seen this?  Know of a solution?  Point 
me in the right direction for trouble-shooting?


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