[Samba] Every access denied brings error in logfile - can anybody confirm?

Marc Muehlfeld Marc.Muehlfeld at medizinische-genetik.de
Fri May 21 09:10:19 MDT 2010


everytime a user tries to enter a directory without permission, the following 
line is logged:

[2010/05/21 13:59:56,  1] smbd/vfs.c:check_reduced_name(921)
   reduce_name: couldn't get realpath for Finanzbuchhaltung/Mahnungen/*

The "reduce_name: couldn't get realpath for" messages for every denied access 
are logged at debug level 1 and causes some logfiles being flood, when an 
indexer, virus-scanner, etc. runs over the share. Also it increases the load, 
because of massive logfile writing here.

Can anybody confirm the log entries on every permission denied? (Just click to 
a folder you don't have permission to and watch the logfile).

Happens here with 3.3.12, 3.4.8, 3.5.3.


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