[Samba] Windows 7 Ultimate both joins and fails to join domain / Samba 3.4.7 (2:3.4.7~dfsg-2~bpo50+2)

Anand Kumria akumria at acm.org
Sun May 23 02:42:20 MDT 2010


I have two Windows 7 Ultimate machines with a domain running Samba
3.4.7 (Debian backport 2:3.4.7~dfsg-2~bpo50+2).

Both have had the changes done as per the wiki

On one, I was able to successfully join the domain. One the other I
get the dreaded "The specified domain either does not exist or could
not be contacted."

I've attached a level 10 debug trace from both nmbd and smbd, but they
do not seem to show anything obvious.

As you can see from the nmblookup, the domain exists. And the logs
show the machine actually contacting the server so it was able to do
that too.

Any suggestions, ideas, most appreciated.


(Note: The domain in question has Windows XP SP2, Windows XP SP3 and
Windows 7 Professional machines joined successfully to it).

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