[Samba] Spurious data in file retrieved from Windows share via Samba

Robert Dodier robert at infotility.com
Fri May 21 14:48:16 MDT 2010


I am using Samba to read a file on a Windows share from Linux.
Linux version is Ubuntu 9.04 (I think). Not sure about the Samba
version (sorry, can't check it now); it's whatever was packaged with
Ubuntu. Windows version is Windows Server 2003 SP 2.

Sometimes the file contains obviously spurious data such as
random bytes, and excerpts of programs or log files.
I'm not sure if the spurious data which are interpolated into
the file originate from the Linux side or Windows;
the identifiable text comprise fragments of Python, PHP,
HTML, and what appears to be a log from MS SharedView
(I could be mistaken about that).

The file is updated every few minutes on the Windows side
(new lines are appended). When I read (via cp) any given version
of the file, the spurious parts remain the same. However,
each time the file is updated, some of the spurious stuff goes
away and some new stuff appears.

A co-worker on the Windows side reports that there are
no spurious data in the file when he looks at it.

I have no power to change anything on the Windows side and
probably no ability to ask for logs or other debugging info.

Thanks in advance for any light you can shed on this problem.

Robert Dodier

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