[Samba] Samba + CUPS

Damien J Dye damien.j.dye at googlemail.com
Fri May 21 12:20:43 MDT 2010

Ricoh-Aficio_MP_C4500 supports postscript and has a manufacture ppd so there
are no issues like that here


the Canon imageRunner also has supported drivers.

the whole point of using CUPS is to get rid of the broken drivers in the
first place 

all PPD options are passed though to the windows client 

Scanning to email ( configure the printer to read from LDAP) and network
scanning use SANE

windows print drivers can do either because there not related to printing.

try it and see how you go it can't do any harm.

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Nick Couchman wrote:
>>>> On 2010/05/20 at 13:43, Damien J Dye <damien.j.dye at googlemail.com>
>> Why are you not using the cups printer drivers in the cups enviroment
>> are both x64 and i386 versions and gets round the issues with broken
>> and allows cups features to be passed to windows.
> There are several "special" function of my printers (networked copiers,
actually) that need to be supported, and I don't believe the CUPS driver
contains this support.  Things like sending the printout to a storage box on
the copier that waits for someone to walk up and print it (Mailbox/Document
Server), duplexing, hole punching, stapling, N-up, etc.  I have not tried
the CUPS printer drivers, yet, so perhaps these features get passed through,
but some of those features aren't even present in the PPD file that I use
for CUPS.

+1, generic cups drivers may not support all the features available for 
a given printer.

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