[Samba] Login Samba/LDAP

Thiago Gonzaga B. Galvão thiagobandinha at yahoo.com.br
Mon May 17 14:56:47 MDT 2010

Hello guys,

Can you help

My network has the following configuration:

I have a Samba
server integrated into an LDAP server.

In the future
we will implement a mechanism of single sign-on: is a property of access
control of multiple, related, but independent software systems. With this
property a user logs in once and gains access to all systems without being
prompted to log in again at each of them (*).

The user logs
into their workstation with their username/password,and this username/password used is the same as
it use to gain access to other systems that we have in our network.

So, my
question is: if the user is logged into your workstation (authentication
Samba/LDAP), can I store this login/password used for later use it to
log on other systems?



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