[Samba] samba.org has been revised!

Moray Henderson (ICT) Moray.Henderson at ict.om.org
Thu May 20 03:42:36 MDT 2010

zoolook wrote:
>Also, the color combination (specially on the wiki) is awful; red on
>gray, really hurt my eyes. I hope it can be improved soon.

I also found the red/white/gray combination difficult.  It took me a
while to realise that the big red blocks on the left were menu.  You
don't really see the white/grey Samba logo at all, and it's even
difficult to read the main text because the eyes are constantly being
drawn across to the bright red on the left.

As far as sizes are concerned, it displays perfectly on my 1024x768
monitor.  But I was _astounded_ to read that it's using fixed pixel
sizes.  That's not web design, that's poster design!  I have been
looking though Blackbit's own website.  They seem to be some sort of
advertising company, although this is not really very clear from their
site - which is not, if you think about it, a good sign.  They list[1]
"breaking the rules" as one of their strengths.  While it is true that
some conventions can occasionally be set aside to good effect, this is
certainly not a universal truth.  In particular, common sense
readability guidelines in a medium primarily designed for reading should
not be dismissed without long and careful thought about the practical
implications.  No matter how artistic the result.

On first look, then, I'm afraid Blackbit may not have been a good

However they do also list "incorporating constructive criticism" as
another strength (although this is perhaps difficult to reconcile with
"never giving way").  Maybe you could go back try to persuade them that
their basic premise of designing to a 1024x768 screen is flawed, and
that they and their customers would benefit from a more flexible
approach.  A more balanced colour scheme would help the Samba site, too.

"To err is human.  To purr, feline"


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