[Samba] Steps to move away parts away from samba?

Mike Eggleston mikeegg1 at mac.com
Wed May 19 09:29:30 MDT 2010


I like samba, but I'm tired of what I feel is fighting battles. I want
to move the PDC portion of samba to an Active Directory server (I've
been told AD is a part of Server 2008?). Would someone please list the
steps for doing this? My rough idea so far is:

- take an LDIF from OpenLDAP
- install the server 2008 box
- load the LDIF into AD
- join the AD box to the samba domain
- modify samba to look at AD instead of OpenLDAP
- ... now I'm lost, is this done?
- point all unix boxes from OpenLDAP to AD
- turn off OpenLDAP

After this migration my next migration is to move from Cyrus to
Exchange. I hate to do this. I like Cyrus and don't like Microsoft.

I'm a unix person, not a windows person. With one exception everyone here
has windows on their desktop. I don't want to hack any more registery
entries, or have people complain about permissions not being, or have
users question "where are these [dot] files in my home directory...."

My company is a small software development shop and how has licenses as
part of joining something inside Microsoft. I don't think they'll balk
at this move.


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