[Samba] RE : Example of command ". / Setup / provision"

Michael Wood esiotrot at gmail.com
Tue May 18 07:31:09 MDT 2010


2010/5/18 Viatte Frédéric <Frederic.Viatte at rpn.ch>:
> Hello
> Thank you for your quick response!
> Right?. The full name of my server is: server-tpi.domaine.ch
> I put as a command:. / Setup / provision - realm = DOMAINE.CH - domain = DOMAIN - adminpass = Pass2010 - server-role = 'domain controller'
> The information I entered is correct?

It is normal for the Windows domain name to be the same as the first
part of the realm name.  So you are missing the "E" from
--domain=DOMAIN.  But as tms3 says it can work even if they do not

When I tried running provision, I had the Windows DOMAIN the same as
the first part of the REALM and the DNS domain was the same as the
realm (except lowercase).

I also had to use --target-dir=/usr/local/samba4 (where I installed
Samba4) when I ran provision.

> And here is my host file after installing my DNS and samba:
> Something seems strange to me .. what is your opinion?

Installing DNS (bind9) or Samba should not affect your hosts file, so
your hosts file will have looked like that before installing DNS and
Samba too.  If your DNS is working correctly then you can remove the
entries for from your hosts file.  Even if you wanted to
keep it there, you would only need one of them.  Not two.  Also, if
you keep it in /etc/hosts, it should probably match the DNS entry.

Michael Wood <esiotrot at gmail.com>

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