[Samba] samba connection to fully qualified domain name

Herta Van den Eynde herta.vandeneynde at gmail.com
Mon May 17 07:42:37 MDT 2010

Samba server:
 Solaris 10 5/08
 Samba version 3.0.24
Windows client:
 Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 2

extract from smb.conf:
       workgroup = BBB.CCC
       wins server = xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
       smb ports = 139

       path = /ptc/eaiXMLFiles
       force group = plm
       read only = No
       force create mode = 0775

Up till May 12, you could create a samba connection from the windows
client to the samba server using its fully qualified domain name.

As of May 13, 02:50 you can only create a samba connection from this
windows client using the hostname without the FQDN, or using the ip
address.  Trying to connect to the samba server with FQDN gives the
"Windows cannot fine \\AAA.BBB.CCC\WINDCHILL.  Check the spelling and
try again, or try searching for the item by clicking the Start button
and then click Search."
A basic ping to the hostname with FQDN still works fine.
Connecting from other clients (another Windows Server 2003 Service
Pack 2, and a Windows XP Service Pack 3) works fine as well.
nslookup resolves the hostname as well as hostname+domainname.
Reverse lookup also works fine and returns the FQDN.

A few month back, the reverse happened:  we could connect using the
hostname+FQDN, but not using the hostname.  As far as I can tell,
nothing changed on either the samba server or the client: no
reconfigs, no restarts, no reboots.

This is most annoying, as it stops one of our applications from
operating properly.  And this must be about the fifth time this
happened in the past 365 days.

I browsed the web, but found nothing that seemed to apply to our situation.

Does anyone have any idea how to debug this?

FWIIW, I'm a unix/linux admin, with limited knowledge of windows.

Kind regards,


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but it comes with a free ride around the Sun."

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