[Samba] Samba Authentication - User ID Pass-Thru?

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Sat May 15 23:08:29 MDT 2010

> Now the issue I'm having may not have a workaround, but I'm just 
> looking for
> ideas.  When users on the client (any computer on the network) write a 
> file
> to the "server" that they see, it is in turn writing back to the Samba 
> share
> on the file server.  Thus, no matter who writes the file, it's written 
> to
> the actual filesystem as the user by which the gateway mounts the 
> share on
> the file server.  Can anybody think of any way to pass along the user 
> ID up
> the chain so that it's written to the filesystem as the originating 
> user?
Long and short of it no.  This can also cause some serious other 
problems.  Don't know why you want to do this, but here's a solution.

(Using LDAP backend would make this spiffy,  but this should be ok)

On the server where stuff actually rights, share that as an NFS share 
and mount it on the "Gateway" server.  Then share the nfs mount point 
via samba.  The LDAP part comes in because you can have both servers 
using ldap for users and groups and keep your permissions and UID/GID 
stuff global.

> I
> can make sure the user accounts line up on the two servers, that's no 
> big
> deal.  I'm just wondering if it's possible.
> It's not a showstopper for me if everything gets written as the same 
> user, I
> can deal with that.  (Although I am having issues with create masks 
> and
> group writability, but that's for another time.)  I'm just tossing the
> question out to the group to see if it's anything that's been dealt 
> with
> before or anything interesting enough to warrant 
> discussion/collaboration.
> The answer might even be to use something other than Samba between the
> gateway server and the file server.  I'm certainly open to suggestions 
> on
> that.  The only other related technology with which I have any 
> experience is
> NFS and I chose Samba over that simply for the stability and 
> robustness in
> unexpected situations.  It's been my experience in the past that NFS 
> gets
> pretty unstable when the network connection drops and can hang a 
> machine's
> shutdown procedures.  This is to be avoided in this particular 
> situation
> because, in the event of a power failure detected by the UPS, properly
> stopping the services and unmounting the filesystem cleanly are 
> critical.
> The _only_ job of the file server on the back end is to protect the 
> data.
> If anybody has any suggestions I'd really appreciate it.  Thanks!
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> Regards,
> David P. Donahue
> "It's hard enough to live in a world where you grow old and die, why 
> be
> disharmonious?"
> - Jack Kerouac
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