[Samba] DOS Attributes with mixed xattr filesystem support

Jarrad Whitaker jarrad.whitaker at gmail.com
Wed May 12 08:53:12 MDT 2010


I'm running Samba as a glorified NAS at the moment - to begin with, I 
have an ext3 storage partition, /storage. In this is a directory, 
/storage/Personal, which has its own Samba share (also Personal). At 
this point, dos attributes using filesystem xattrs work beautifully. The 
problem comes when I start to fiddle further...
I have a Novell NetWare filesystem  (ncpmount) mounted at 
/home/jarrad/novellmount - accessed from the system running the samba 
server, this works fine; however, the ncpmount filesystem does not 
support extended attributes. /home/jarrad/novellmount has a subdirectory 
Now the fun: as soon as I make a symbolic link 
/storage/Personal/novelldirectory1 to point to 
/home/jarrad/novellmount/directory1, Samba stops emulating DOS 
attributes on my Personal share (at least as far as my Windows 7 client 
is concerned).
Is there any way around this?

Jarrad Whitaker

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