[Samba] Problem with git

Dave Wynne dave at artimech.com.au
Fri May 14 07:49:00 MDT 2010


Your are a bloody star, the rsync method did not work, but change to nat and away we went.

Do you know if I can upgrade from Alpha 11 to Alpha 12 or do I need to make a new machine?

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On 14 May 2010 01:51, Dave Wynne <dave at artimech.com.au> wrote:
> Could someone arrange to put a tarball of Alphs12 on the website so I can download it with a non Virtualbox client and then copy it to my Virtualbox client and then run it, I've done it the the Alpha 11 and would like to try again with Alpha 12

I can't put a tarball on the Samba website, but maybe someone could
arrange for a snapshot.

Do the rsync instructions work for you?


Otherwise changing the VirtualBox networking options might help (e.g.
change from Bridged mode to NAT mode to see if the git clone/pull
works for you then.)

Michael Wood <esiotrot at gmail.com>

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