[Samba] net rpc rights grant root SeDiskOperatorPrivilege failed with "Failed to grant privileges for root (NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED)"

Nagaraj Shyam Nagaraj_Shyam at symantec.com
Thu May 13 06:53:04 MDT 2010



I have a samba server setup as a domain member.  I am trying to grant
SeDiskOperatorPrivilege to some user accounts e.g. "domainaname\User",
but I always get the above error.  It doesnot matter what I specify as
the server in -S option to the command.  The command syntax I use is:


net rpc rights grant "username" SeDiskOperatorPrivilege




net -S ADserver -U support rpc rights grant 'domain\Administrator'


I am trying to grant the above privilege because managing samba shares
through mmc from remote windows system is failing with:


_srvsvc_NetShareSetInfo: uid 10500 doesn't have the
SeDiskOperatorPrivilege privilege needed to modify share myshare



Uid 10500 is 'domain\Administrator' account


I can send the relevant smb.conf and any additional traces I need to
capture.  Can anyone provide ideas on what could be going wrong?  The
above feature(s) is supposed to be supported by samba 3.5.1 which I am


Thanks for the help.



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