[Samba] select read/write access by user or group?

zoolook nbensa at gmail.com
Wed May 12 20:44:22 MDT 2010

2010/5/12 William P.N. Smith <w_smith at compusmiths.com>:

> It seems if I have a share that someone can read, anyone can read it, is
> that right?

depends; how did you configure your shares?

> but +staff isn't documented anywhere (user or @group is, but not +staff),
> and adding creating a Linux group called staff and adding users to it
> doesn't help.

+ is explained in the manual. Did you read it?

> Thanks in advance for any hints!

man smb.conf:

       valid users (S)

           This is a list of users that should be allowed to login to
this service. Names starting with ´@´, ´+´ and ´&´
           are interpreted using the same rules as described in the
invalid users parameter.

           If this is empty (the default) then any user can login. If
a username is in both this list and the invalid
           users list then access is denied for that user.

           The current servicename is substituted for %S. This is
useful in the [homes] section.

           Default: valid users =  # No valid users list (anyone can login)

           Example: valid users = greg, @pcusers


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