[Samba] backend migration and Samba upgrade.

Collen Blijenberg collen at hermanjordan.nl
Mon May 10 02:58:27 MDT 2010

Hi, as far as i know the RID's are not implemented in the sql backend.
that's why it spits out these rid errors...
i'm sorry, but i lack the time to continue with the sql backend...

i'm not sure if your setup is going to work... but why not keep them both..
do the upgrade, and leave the old 3.0 arround.
test it all, and if not work, take the old 3.0 and fiddle more until it 
works... ?!

btw, need to do the same here in a while, keep me posted on your tracks..


On 5-5-2010 15:37, Bastien Semene wrote:
> Short background :
> Due to Windows Seven deplaoyment we have to upgrade Samba 3.0 to Samba 
> 3.4 (actually less version but I see no reason not to go directly to 
> 3.4).
> And due to SQL backend support aborted we have to switch from SQL 
> backend to LDAP backend.
> What I have in mind to do this migration is the following :
> -install samba 34/OpenLDAP (I also change the machine in the meantime)
> -configure Samba 34 to use the ldap backend, the smb.conf will be 
> rewriten from scratch.
> - sync the sid with net getlocalsid and netsetlocalsid.
> -pdbedit -e to export users and pdbedit -eg to export groups (on the 
> old server).
> -pdbedit -i and pdbedit -ig on the new server.
> -tests.
> I'm far to be an expert in Samba, so advices on this procedure are 
> very welcome.
> While checking that everything should be ok, I did a pdbedit -L and 
> many lines (less than 1000) like this one appeared :
> lookup_global_sam_rid: looking up RID 513.
> Executing query SELECT 
> nt_logon_time,nt_logoff_time,nt_kickoff_time,nt_pass_last_set_time,nt_pass_can_change_time,nt_pass_must_change_time,username,nt_domain,nt_username,gecos,nt_homedir,nt_dir_drive,nt_logon 
> Can't find a unix id for an unmapped group
> No user SID retrieved from database!
> There are 3 RIDs concerned : 513, 11001, 515.
> Can I correct this error before migrating ? Is it 
> mandatory/interesting to correct this error ?
> -- snip --

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