[Samba] non-windows behavior of samba

Miguel Medalha miguelmedalha at sapo.pt
Fri May 7 16:38:54 MDT 2010

That should really work. I have several Samba servers with Windows XP 
clients and with all of them client-made changes are immediately 
reflected in Windows Explorer.

> Apparently the smb.conf setting "fam change notify = yes" represents the default value

"fam change notify"? From version 3.0.025 on, that parameter was removed.

The parameters I have here are the ones documented in the smb.conf man page:

//|kernel change notify|/ = |yes|
///|change notify|/ = |yes|

/"Yes" is the default for both of them.

Nevertheless, I vaguely remember having met that problem once upon a time...
Did you try to recreate the share?


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