[Samba] Vista error 67 The network name cannot be found

osp at aloha.com osp at aloha.com
Fri May 7 09:57:53 MDT 2010

On 2010-05-05 10:01:45 GMT osp <at> aloha.com (that's me) wrote:

> On 2010-05-04 16:16:49 GMT osp <at> aloha.com (that's me) wrote:
>>> I think I can run a test using plain, out-of-the-box Vista. Maybe even XP.
>>> Will post results when I have them.
>>It works with out-of-the-box Vista. I'll examine the logs and post what
>>falls out tomorrow.
>I compared the log from the successful Vista connect to the one from the
>failed connect. Below are several excerpts. Lines that begin with "S" are
>from the successful log, and lines that begin with "F" are from the failed
>log. I can post the entire log if that will help.


No replies to that post, so I tried to simplify by changing from "security
= user" to "security = share." I also simplified the share settings as
given in the handbook under "Reference Documentation Server." My thinking
was that is was user authentication that was failing, so an old fashioned
share with no access controls might work.

Almost, but not quite.

The FreeBSD smbclient connects fine without specifying -U. I could "get"
the sample file just fine. In Vista the drive will connect but when I try
to access I get "An unexpected network error occurred." No error number (59
seems to be most often associated). Interesting that the occurs when
accessing, not when connecting, suggesting a permissions issue. I did not
see anything about the failure in the log for that client, so it looks as
though the access request never made it to smbd.

Could this be a firewall issue? But then why does smbclient succeed?

Should I try Samba 4.0?

Gary Dunn
Open Slate Project

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