[Samba] Join domain broken after update

markus at happyhammer.com markus at happyhammer.com
Thu May 6 18:04:51 MDT 2010

Hi all,
      I have a samba server that is the DC on our network.  It was a
debian etch machine with everything installed from the distro
packages.  Everything was fine until I upgraded from Etch to Lenny. 
In an effort to get windows 7 to join my domain I upgraded to Lenny
which gave me samba 3.2.5 I was still unable to join the domain with
Win7 so I downgraded the workstation to XPP.  I was shocked to find
that I now cannot join the domain with XPP (was working before).  I
came in after hours when the network is quiet and did a tail -f on
every log file I can find (log.smbd log.nmbd auth.log and any other
active log file) while attempting to join the domain and get no
activity in the log files!!  I tried turning up the log level in
samba and still don't see any entries attributable to my attempt to
join the domain.

The error I get on the WS is: The specified domain either does not exist
or could not be contacted.  This is the error whether I use the
Administrator login or just type some garbage.

Keep in mind this was working before the upgrade.

If you can suggest where to look next that would be helpful

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