[Samba] Question about net ads join

Draper, Gregory gdraper at vt.edu
Wed May 5 14:38:11 MDT 2010

I've been looking over mailing lists and I've seen multiple having issues with joining a domain using an account on a different domain I'm wondering if there is a solution. The example is something like this:
The server needs to be a member of the cntrlsrvs.w2k.vt.edu domain however the account I have for authorizing that is actually in the w2k.vt.edu domain so if I try to do
'net ads join -U gdraper at W2K.VT.EDU' the system tries to connected using gdraper at W2K.VT.EDU@CNTRLSRVS.W2K.VT.EDU.  if I leave the username blank after doing a 'kinit gdraper at W2K.VT.EDU' I am prompted for "roots" password and it is trying to authenticate against the directory for root even though the kinit is successful.  The other posters I had seen said that this format had worked for previous versions of samba(3.0) and the problem started in 3.4 so I'm curious if this issue has been resolved or not.  Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

Jason Draper

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