[Samba] cifs-utils 4.1 in Debian lenny backports

Christian PERRIER bubulle at debian.org
Tue May 4 01:48:02 MDT 2010

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Let's see this as my first achievement of SambaXP

An "official" backport of cifs-utils
(http://www.samba.org/linux-cifs/cifs-utils/) is now available for
users of Debian lenny.

This package can be found on backports.org, which is a service run by
Debian developers to provide backported versions of software to the
stable release of Debian. These backports often receive the same
attention and care than official packages. In the case of samba and
samba-related packages (such as cifs-utils), packages are provided by
the same packaging team and we are highly committed to provide a good
service with these packages (which includes working on security fixes
when needed).

Packages on backports.org are digitally-signed by the backprots.org
FTP master key. Uploads to this archive must be signed by their
uploaders which can only be official Debian developers and
they're expected to apply the same care to checks and testing that
they're doing on packages they upload in the official Debian archive.

Backported packages are packages have to be first in Debian
"testing" (which is, shortly said, the testbed of the "next Debian
release to come", currently Debian squeeze....scheduled for "when it's
ready"). This explains why we backported cifs-utils 4.1 and not the
current 4.4 release: we haven't built that release yet for Debian
unstable. Hopefully, this will happen soon (hint hint to Steve

Having cifs-utils in backports.org was really important because it now
allows us to backport the current version of Samba 3 packages in
Debian testing (2nd version fo 3.4.7 packages).

This version is the first package version where the old "smbfs"
package (that provides, as its name doesn't tell, the CIFS mount
utilities and *not* the smbfs mount utilities....) is dropped from
binary packages generated by the samba source package.

"smbfs" is now provided by cifs-utils, as a transition package,
that depends on the cifs-utils binary package, which is the one that
really includes (u)mount.cifs and related files.

How to use backports.org packages?
General instructions are available at


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