[Samba] Long Delay on Fresh Windows 7 Clients

Kevin Keane subscription at kkeane.com
Mon May 3 18:04:53 MDT 2010

It may also be network discovery, and/or an IPv6 issue. Windows 7 tries to default to IPv6. There is no NETBIOS or WINS in IPv6, so DNS is pretty much mandatory (there also is Network Discovery, which is basically UPnP renamed).

My guess is that in your case, Windows 7 first tries to resolve to an IPv6 address using DNS. Then it probably tries to look for it with UPnP. Only when those two fail would it use IPv4.

Disabling IPv6 is really a bad idea, but with Samba it may be your only option.

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> Thank you very much Michele. Because it's not trivial for me to
> introduce DNS for the local Samba server, I just tried accessing the
> share by typing its static IP address: \\\sharename.
> I still get the same delay.
> Perhaps it's not DNS resolution that's causing that?
> Thanks,
> Daniel
> mich... at unipex.it wrote:
>  smba... at gmx.com wrote:
> > When I type \\sambahost\sharename, a prompt for the username and
> > password will eventually appear (and let me authenticate
> > successfully) but it takes almost forever (i.e. 1-5 minutes) until
> > that prompt dialog box appears.
> >
> Last week week my customer call me for the same problem where I
> installed an "old" version of samba (like yours) without local dns.
> After some tests, a simple bind9 + master local zone and reversed one
> solved the problem.
> I don't know further technical details, but I presume that 7 _need_ a
> reply from a dns. If it not find a good one, before gone to timeout and
> switch to wins resolution, it took *a lot of time*
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