[Samba] Is this possible?

Roel van Meer rolek at bokxing.nl
Mon May 3 01:04:27 MDT 2010

Rob7704 writes:

> Can anyone tell me if the following is possible
> I need 2 Samba Shares for example share1 and share2, both sharing an
> identical location, however I want once PC to connect using share1 and
> everyone else to use share2 so far so good this works.
> However, at 1am in the morning I want to stop share2 and disconnect users
> whilst not effecting access via share1. Then at 2am restart share2.
> From the tests I've done the only way to do this is to copy different
> versions of smb.conf then do a service smb restart, however this disconnects
> the user on share1, trying a service smb reload whilst share2 disappears
> from the network anyone connected to it can still access files.
> Can I do this? Is there another way?

I think you might have luck with the command "smbcontrol smbd close-share 
share2". You could also forcibly disconnect all users connected to share2.
At the same time, you would need a changed smb.conf to prevent them to 
reconnect, like you already have.

Good luck,


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