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Thu Mar 18 17:34:04 MDT 2010

a fix for that supposedly went into 3.3.0.  And a reference to a
different patch for it going into 3.3.0 in <a
list archives for this list.</a>  I installed from a non-source package,
so I can't check to see if either patch is there or not.  Still, rather
than re-open a two-year-old bug on the presumption that I am the only
person that its broken for since, I thought I should check and see if
anyone had any insight into it first... any thoughts?  Is it just broken
of these scripts to be trying to move tdb files across machines in the
first place?  If I wipe them clean and just copy the configuration
files, will I keep all of my configuration?

Thanks for any advice,

     - rob.

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