[Samba] Looking for help assigning right to AD Machine accounts..

Commerce Account commerce at buskey.com
Wed Mar 31 08:36:25 MDT 2010

Good morning,

I am pretty much a newbie to Linux lad, but have been a Windows pro for many
years.  We have a Linux based NAS from Synology that we had been using to
store data from a horrible government app.  The only way we could get this
app to write to a network device (the Linux SMB server, synology) was to
assign Read and write permission to the servers machine account in AD.  This
worked perfectly.  Then Synology released a firmware update to patch some
other issues, and after that, machine accounts were no longer visible in the
web based GUI we have to use to manage the rights.

I CAN manually edit the SMB conf file and it will work but due to other
issues with the way Synology handles updates to the smb.conf file, manually
tweaking it is not a viable option.  The version of the smbd running is
reported as 3.2.8, but I cant say if that's a real version number or
something specific to Synology's version scheme.

Does anyone know of a good way to re enable the enumeration of Windows
Machine accounts?

Lee Buskey

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