[Samba] Performance issues: have eliminated disk and network as cause

James Cort james.cort at gosnetworks.com
Wed Mar 31 04:31:08 MDT 2010


I'm not entirely happy with the performance I'm seeing using Samba, and I
wonder if anyone can shine any light.

The server is a Dell PowerEdge 2950 with hardware RAID10, 4GB RAM and a
quad-core Intel Xeon processor.  It's not live yet, so there's no load from
other tasks.

I've already eliminated the RAID (able to sustain 130-140MB/s for
reads/writes) and the network (GigE, tar | nc to this server and untar'd at
the other end sustains 8-900Mbps) as bottlenecks, which leaves me dealing
with Samba.

Samba is peaking at around 280Mbps (reading and writing a single 500MB file)
and normal performance (which I have benchmarked with a 350MB directory
containing about 1,000 files of various sizes up to 2MB) is closer to
90-100Mbps (write), 117Mbps (read).  This is with a Windows XP client, using
smbmount from a Linux client is not appreciably faster.

Obviously there's going to be a much larger overhead associated with SMB
versus netcat, but 3.5-8 times slower?

I have attached my smb.conf (though I have removed most of the shares for
brevity's sake), in the hope that someone can help.


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