[Samba] XP clients regularly lost mapped samba share. samba 3.5

Helmut Hullen Hullen at t-online.de
Wed Mar 31 03:06:00 MDT 2010

Hallo, live.fx,

Du meintest am 31.03.10:

> I have some complaints from Win XP users.
> Win XP clients regularly lost samba share - mapped as network drive.
> I don`t see any errors in logs.

> 1. I have 4 linux machines, with mapped SAMBA 3.5 shares as CIFS. -
> never lost.
> 2. Some Windows XP clients have this problem, but some is not.

> Why i ask ? Because the same clients did not lose a mapped network
> drive while was WIN 2003 Server.

How do they lose the connection?
I am working in a (very small) LAN with a Samba 3.4.x server, a Windows- 
2000 client and a Windows XP-Home client.

The Windows 2000 client always loses the working connection and shows  
(in the Windows Explorer) a red colored symbol for the share and  
"target" in the contents window. Clicking mostly doesn't reconnect.  
"searching" the computer or "net view <IP address>" reconnects.

The XP home client doesn't show such nasty things.

In both cases: no domain connection.

Viele Gruesse!

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