[Samba] Veto files with question mark

OmBreNoiRe sambalist.nsp at ombrenoire.biz
Mon Mar 29 07:39:11 MDT 2010

Indeed you're write, it's Icon^M

Is it possible to veto it ? Nobody knows ?


Michael Wood a écrit :
> On 29 March 2010 12:10, OmBreNoiRe <sambalist.nsp at ombrenoire.biz>  wrote:
>> Hi !
>> I would like to remove from listing the "Icon?" files created by mac user
>> when they customize their folder icon.
>> So I did in my smb.conf :
>> veto files = /Icon?/
>> ok it's working, but "Icone" "Iconx" "Icons" will be removed too. I tried
>> veto files = /Icon\?/ but it's not working,
>> Is there a way to use question mark (?) but not as a wild-card ?
>> Thanks in advance for your answer,
> I don't know how to veto it, but that is not a question mark.  It's
> just displayed that way by the ls command.  It's actually a \r
> (Ctrl-M) character (i.e. a Mac end of line character.)
> If you do this you should see that:
> $ echo Icon* | hexdump -C
> 00000000  49 63 6f 6e 0d 0a                                 |Icon..|
> 00000006
> 6e is the 'n'.  0d is the \r character and 0a is the \n character that
> echo prints at the end of the line.  i.e. the 0a is not part of the
> filename.
> You might even be able to see it by typing "echo Icon<TAB>".  If I do
> that on a Mac in the Terminal (haven't tried on Linux), then when I
> press the TAB key it expands to look like "echo Icon^M"

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