[Samba] ?: winbind dont start

Pasi Mustalahti ptmusta at utu.fi
Thu Mar 25 01:15:42 MDT 2010

> On Wed, Mar 24, 2010 at 4:12 AM, Mistofeles <ptmusta at utu.fi> wrote:
>  > I have two similar PC with similar Ubuntu 9.10 srv installation.
>  > In the beginning both authenticated fine against our AD with Samba.
>  > I changed the NIC to another PC and moved it to another subdomain.
>  > Old IP changed from XXX.XXX.104.187 to XXX.XXX.41.32.
>  > The other PC works OK.
>  > SSH works in both. So the network is up.

>  >
>  You didn't mention if you updated your smb.conf and krb5.conf file (if
>  necessary) to reflect the new subdomain (unless by subdomain you 
> don't mean
>  an Active directory subdomain and you are talking about a subnet). If 
> you
>  have, then I would try a net ads leave and then a net ads join again.

Sorry, I mean subNET, not domain. All local net is under the same AD.
I have now gone through these krb5.conf and smb.conf and found nothing specifig to this subNET.
Last night (local time) I found that winbind does start with the original native smb.conf. Now I got to start reading the smb.conf and try to find ways to test, what is the command or parameter, which hangs the  system.

The only speciality, which might cause problems is that this 'not-working' part of the net is behind an ADSL modem and VPN server having her own DHCP server. All MSWin compurters authenticate there OK, so there should be no firewall problems. 

As Árpád Magosányi told in a previous message,  "Winbind have serious timeout issues when there is any problem with the communication with domain controllers."
This might be the cause of the problem, if the way throught ADSL is too slow ?

Date seems to be abt. 28 sec out of sync compared to her twin Tested with 'date'). The twins seem to use different time servers of our net (tested with 'ntpq -p').

Please comments and help !

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