[Samba] Winbind home directory not resolving properly

Jim Kusznir jkusznir at gmail.com
Wed Mar 24 09:58:57 MDT 2010

Hi all:

I've got an issue on one of my winbind-configured systems.  I've got
it configured per instructions found on one of ubuntu's forum sites.
I've configured two 9.10 systems, one works perfectly.  I've copied
most of the files over to the non-working system; they are configured
identically as far as I can tell.

On both systems, wbinfo -u/-g, getent passwd, and ssh login work fine.
 On the working one, I can also log in via gdm/gnome and use
~adusername in paths in the terminal.  In the non-working one, the
~adusername is "unknown" (although ~localuser works fine), and gnome
sessions blow up in a big way (dbus errors, which I think are related
to the first problem).

I'm relatively familiar with the system authentication and account
system, and as getent passwd shows the full, proper password file
(compete with valid user homedirectories that I can cut and paste and
have work fine), I don't understand why the ~aduser expansions are not

This problem has now been kicking my butt for over a week now, and I'm
starting to catch some serious flack for it.  Any help would be

Any ideas?


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