[Samba] ?: winbind dont start

Mistofeles ptmusta at utu.fi
Wed Mar 24 04:12:49 MDT 2010

I have two similar PC with similar Ubuntu 9.10 srv installation.
In the beginning both authenticated fine against our AD with Samba.
I changed the NIC to another PC and moved it to another subdomain.
Old IP changed from XXX.XXX.104.187 to XXX.XXX.41.32.
The other PC works OK.
SSH works in both. So the network is up.

kinit myname at MYDOMAIN
- OK
- OK
/etc/init.d/samba restart
- OK
net ads join -U myname
- OK


/etc/init.d/winbind start
- The system stops here.
If I open another SSH window, this is the last lines in 

[2010/03/23 15:57:18,  2] param/loadparm.c:7736(do_section)
   Processing section "[WWW_BCK_oldest]"
[2010/03/23 15:57:18,  3] param/loadparm.c:6190(lp_add_ipc)
   adding IPC service


I apt-get purge all of these:
samba, samba-common, samba-common-bin, smbfs, winbind
- OK

Then I apt-get install samba
- OK

apt-get install winbind
- Everything freezes in the middle of the installation, while restarting 

Please tell me where I can find help. Google, RTFM and FAQ have not 
given any help so far.

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