[Samba] Illegal characters in filename?

Andrew Masterson Andrew.Masterson at nuvistaenergy.com
Tue Mar 23 10:02:58 MDT 2010

The easiest way might be to write a cron script that does a simple tr on
invalid characters to rename files.

Barring that check the "mangled names" parameter for an understanding of
how samba creates the mangled names.

Also of interest might be "mangle prefix", "mangling char", "mangling


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I have a server that uses both NFS and Samba. I noticed on a Windows
client that some directories and files were in the 8.3 format, and
clicking on them resulted in an "Access denied." message.

I've since upgraded to 3.5.0 - now the "Access denied." message is
gone and I can enter and open files, but all of the names are shown in
the 8.3 format and are almost unreadable. I discovered that the
filenames in question have full colons (:) in them, and this is
illegal for Windows clients. Windows itself won't let you create a
file with an invalid filename.

I have listings like:


I was browsing around in smb.conf's man page looking for a way for
these files to at least be readable. Is there a way to map all of the
invalid characters in Windows that linux can use so they simply appear
as a hyphen (or another character?)

It would be so much easier than having to open each file to identify
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