[Samba] Samba 3.4 Windows 95/98 logon problem

Selcuk Ozturk sozt65 at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 22 05:05:57 MDT 2010

The domain controller is an old NT4, not the samba server. The password there works fine because the machines can connect to the PDC's shares no problem. The key here is the "security = domain" setting. When I change it to "security = server" it works fine. Both settings should be essentially same except "domain" is less demanding on the PDC and more fault tolerant. Under both settings, the NT4 PDC is asked to validate the password. But, the first one does not work while the second does.


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try to reset the password for the users using w95/98. it usually works.

Le 21/03/2010 13:42, selcuko a écrit :
> Hi,
> we have just upgraded one of our very old Linux/Samba servers to version
> 3.4.2. After the upgrade, the Windows 95/98 clients cannot login to the
> server anymore. In the log I see 'NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED' messages for
> these clients.
> The samba server is setup to use an NT4 PDC as the password server. The
> security = domain. The Windows 2000 and up clients don't have any problems.
> But, the Win 9x cannot login.
> We also have other older samba servers. Various versions up till 3.0.20. The
> win 9x machines don't have any problems logging into those servers.

Pascal Valois
Service Informatique
Pole Universitaire Léonard de Vinci

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