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Thu Mar 18 17:34:04 MDT 2010

client lanman auth (G)

This parameter determines whether or not smbclient(8) and other samba client tools will attempt to authenticate itself to servers using the weaker LANMAN password hash. If disabled, only server which support NT password hashes (e.g. Windows NT/2000, Samba, etc... but not Windows 95/98) will be able to be connected from the Samba client.

The LANMAN encrypted response is easily broken, due to its case-insensitive nature, and the choice of algorithm. Clients without Windows 95/98 servers are advised to disable this option.

Disabling this option will also disable the client plaintext auth option.

Likewise, if the client ntlmv2 auth parameter is enabled, then only NTLMv2 logins will be attempted.

Default: client lanman auth = no

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