[Samba] Samba mapping issue using DNS alias on an x86 server running Solaris 10.

Alan Pek alan.pek at db.com
Sat Mar 20 10:06:06 MDT 2010

We have Samba mapping issue when we switch a DNS alias pointing one samba 
host (running Solaris 8 sparcs, Fujitsu PW850) to a new samba host 
(running Solaris 10, virtual zone under VCS, Sun X4440). They
are both running samba version 3.0.22, for sparc and i386 respectively. 
Their samba configuration looks alike.

The DNS alias is called for riskenginepri-smb.sg.db.com

It was pointing to singmrep1-smb.sg.db.com and was working fine.

The DNS alias was switched to point to singmreap1-smb.sg.db.com and 
following happened:

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