[Samba] USERMGR 'A device attached to the system is not functioning'

Ben LeMasurier ben.lemasurier at gmail.com
Fri Mar 19 15:26:21 MDT 2010

Hey everyone,

I've got a Samba server running with an LDAP backend, and for the most
part it works great. The only issue I'm having is that when I attempt
to use USERMGR.exe on the windows side I get this (typical Microsoft)

"A device attached to the system is not functioning"

I'm running Samba 3.4.5, and OpenLDAP 2.4.21 on FreeBSD 8.0

Here's the relevant config files:
smb.conf -> http://pastebin.com/VSUXFDst
slapd.conf -> http://pastebin.com/u8b0Hw8U

Any help would be great! Let me know if any further information about
the configuration would help.

- Ben

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