[Samba] cupsaddsmb question

Mester mester at freemail.hu
Thu Mar 18 15:46:20 MDT 2010

I have found the problem. The printer name had a - in it, and that 
caused the problem. I made the same printer with the same settings under 
cups but now without the - sign and voi la everything works fine.

Attila Mesterhazy

> Hi,
> I had a working Samba PDC server (v3.2.5) with CUPS printer server and
> automatic Windows driver installation.
> But I had to add Windows 7 clients to the server so I updated the Samba
> from Lenny-Backports to 3.4.7. Everything seems to be OK, but when I run
> cupsaddsmb it does not add the drivers to the server. Everything is fine
> but at the last step (rpcclient setdriver x y) it fails. The error is
> What should I do to make cupsaddsmb work again?
> Attia Mesterhazy

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