[Samba] user authenticating then not getting a profile

Mike Eggleston mikeegg1 at mac.com
Wed Mar 17 16:56:53 MDT 2010


samba on fedora core 5
samba 3.3.3
client vista, fully patched
openldap as the backend for samba
samba in the pdc role

Trying to help a user sign on and off more quickly I deleted the
user's profile in \\samba\$USER\profile, created a directory at
\\samba\profiles\$USER. I created both the $USER and the $USER.V2
directories, changed the permissions, and also deleted the user's
directory in \\client\c$\Users\$USER. Now when the user logs on the
user is properly authenticated through samba and ldap, but the user
only gets a temporary profile. I've put the ldap profile parameter back
to \\samba\$USER\profile and restored the files (I save files before
deleting them). My user is still not able to log on.

Any ideas what's going on or where I can look?


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