[Samba] 3.5.1 64 bit windows printing is working a bit

christoph.beyer at desy.de christoph.beyer at desy.de
Wed Mar 17 04:08:58 MDT 2010


although I don't expect any answers (like most of the times) , here is my 
experience so far:

I run a samba printserver for +3.000 hosts and 600 printers with a correct 
setup successfully. So be sure, everything is plugged in, I tried to turn 
it off and on again, I RTFM'ed and so on.

Here is my most successfull attempt to get the printservice going on 3.5.1 
and windows 7 46 bit in an AD 2008R3 environment:

I installed the driver (Konica Minolta bizhub 250) using the print 
management console on a windows 7 client host -> success: the driver-files 
are visible on the samba machine in the x64 directory.

The printerdriver does not show up in the advanced tab of the 
printer properties.

[printserver] # rpcclient -U<uid> -c 'setdriver 
itmfp1 "KONICA MINOLTA 350/250/200 VPS"' printserver
Successfully set itmfp1 to driver KONICA MINOLTA 350/250/200 VPS.

Works, driver is visible now in tab, testpage prints out OK :)

Reopening the properties tab gives error message:

Function adress 0xff38117a caused a protection fault (exception code 
0xc000005) some or all properties pages may not be displayed"

In the samba logfile I see one error, don't now if it is realted though:

[2010/03/17 10:57:22.771269,  3] smbd/error.c:76(error_packet_set)
   error packet at smbd/trans2.c(4130) cmd=50 (SMBtrans2) 
[2010/03/17 10:57:22.771592,  5] lib/util.c:617(show_msg)
[2010/03/17 10:57:22.771727,  5] lib/util.c:620(show_msg)
[2010/03/17 10:57:22.773226, 10] 
   got smb length of 224

All this is done on a 'windows 7 only' samba machine, I had no luck to 
install the driver in an environment with x86 drivers already installed, 
there was no way to get 'rpcclient' to associate the printqueue with teh 

So as far as I see it windows 64 bit printing is working in principle but 
not in a way someone could use it as a service.

If there is any interest in debug logging output or experiences with other 
drivers and/or configurations don't hesitate to send me e-mail I am mor 
then willing to be of any use to drive this further, don' expect any 
reactions from the list though - surprise me ;)


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