[Samba] Clustered Samba Printing

Christoph Beyer chbeyer at mail.desy.de
Tue Mar 16 02:58:13 MDT 2010

Hi Bill,

I am using clustered samba printing for a couple of years and it works 
fine, this is my setup:

3 sun server with sun cluster, let's call them samba1 samba2 and samba3 
are individually joined to the windows domain using the hostnames 

Through the sun cluster they use together a shared address called 
'printserver' with the 'bind interface only' option set to the shared 
hostname I have a loadbalanced samba setup for printing.

To make sure all server use the same config I have 'ntforms.tdb', 
'printers.tdb' and 'ntdrivers.tdb' on a shared global storage, linked via 
symlink into the three local samba/var/locks dirs. The 'samba printcap' is 
shared globally as well as the 'drivers' dir of cause.

One thing about this construction is that samba1/2/3 still and always 
publish the printers over ther local ip adress though they will not accept 
a connection over these adresses. You need a firewall to get rid of this 
or unconfigure those printer in the AD.

For some reason I have a cron restart running every morning, this is nice 
to get rid of old processes and connections and to have a fresh start from 
the ground for all three nodes...

Hope this helps, don't hesitate to write me e-mail if you have further 
questions, well and maybe I got it all wrong and there is a much more 
clever idea about clustered printing, love to hear something about it then 


On Mon, 15 Mar 2010, Bill Morris wrote:

> Hi Folks,
>  I'm part of a Novell department that is working on
> moving from Novell NDPS printing to Samba printing.
>  I have been told that the Samba environment will
> have to be clustered to assure the same level of
> redundancy for printing.
>  Does anyone have any pointers? Whether actual
> experience in this or a location of good
> documentation of the clustering process?
> Thanks for any assistance,
> Bill Morris
> Bill Morris (bill_morris at ncsu.edu)
> Systems & Hosted Systems
> North Carolina State University
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best regards

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