[Samba] W2k8 Terminal Server / Samba / Licensing Error

Michael Arndt michael.arndt at berlin.de
Tue Mar 16 05:16:35 MDT 2010

hello *

1. has anybody W2K8R2 Terminal Servers up and running in a samba domain  ?

2. dito an  license server, who is also joined into the domain ( w2k8r2 )                    ?

( i have seen references to this combination working with the lic srv beeing on workgroup mode, but
  this is only possible if the lic srv is not joined in the domain. Worked fine with us as long as TS and Lic SRV were
  no domain members, but in workgroup  mode )

our problem: 


-The license server does not find itself when running diagnostics
-in spite of that behaviour RDP Client connects get TS CAL licenses ( per client )

b) All TS Servers that are no samba domain members ( workgroup mode ) get TS Cal Client Lics per device

c) *but* all Terminal Serves that are joined into the domain

-do not find the license server ( definitely configured ! ) when running license server diagnostics
  with an user that is an domain user *and* admin rights in the domain (  == admin rights on lic server, prereq for diag )

-do not get TS CAL lics per server


Since we have no AD Domain, the service principal name TERMSERV is not availeable 
( TSes rely heavily on that value )
should be not an issue since on the TS "License Server Clients" de License Server is configured explicitely

Samba Version: 3.4.6 on the samba DC


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