[Samba] Samba 3.5 slow. Help with benchmarks !

Jim Salter jim at jrs-s.net
Mon Mar 15 12:58:48 MDT 2010

I get about 51MB/sec over my gigabit LAN, serving from Samba 3.4.0 on 
Ubuntu Karmic amd64 to smbclient 3.3.6 on FreeBSD 7.3-R amd64.

5tb# smbclient -I -U user // -c "get 1G.bin"
Enter user's password:
Domain=[BANSHEE] OS=[Unix] Server=[Samba 3.4.0]
getting file \1G.bin of size 1073741824 as 1G.bin (50717.1 kb/s) 
(average 50717.1 kb/s)

For comparison, the same transfer gets 54.8 MB/sec by FTP (using 
pure-ftpd on the Ubuntu Karmic machine and wget on the FreeBSD 7.2-R 
machine).  CIFS is a lot heavier than FTP, so this probably represents 
"as good as it's going to get" on this particular network.

(And your gigabit network may very well be faster than mine - mine's all 
cheap off-the-shelf SOHO parts.)

> Miguel Medalha wrote:
>>> Can you show me, how yours SAMBA work in Gigabit LAN ? What speeds ?
>> I can't measure them right now but I can tell you that I have 2 networks 
>> consisting of Samba Domain Controllers serving only Windows clients and 
>> the network speeds are very high. One of the networks is dedicated to 
>> Desktop Publishing and the InDesign pages coming from the Linux/Samba 
>> server appear on the Windows clients' screens like a sudden explosion. 
>> Very fast indeed.
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> Please, when you can measure - show me results. My network is 15 linux nodes
> (small render farm) 1 Linux desktop, 8-10 Windows clients. (also Windows 7 -
> this because i use samba 3.5.1 - windows 7 domain clients can authorize on
> SAMBA server only with 3.5 SAMBA)
> I want to look what SAMBA can do.

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