[Samba] Windows Vista and option in smb.conf

F.Groen at oba.nl F.Groen at oba.nl
Mon Mar 15 05:28:27 MDT 2010


mistyped the unix permissions mentioned in the earlier post (see below), 
they are 755.




I have a difficulty with the option 'hide unreadable' in the smb.conf 
regarding to it's effect on my Vista machines.
In the smb.conf I have declared the following share:
          path = /data/userdata
          admin users = domain+adminuser
          browseable = yes
          writeable = yes
          hide unreadable = yes
          csc policy = disable
The server is a domain member, security ADS .
The unix permissions on the folder /data/userdata are 755 .
The Samba version is 3.022-13.16-SUSE-SLES10
Now the 'hide unreadable' option takes care of the visibility of 
subfolders for a specific user. Without rights to read (based on either 
domain personal permissions or domain group permissions), one can't see 
subfolders/files. This works fine with windows XP. However same logged on 
users on a Vista SP2 client only see subfolders and files to which they 
have a domain group permission.  None of the folders they should have 
access to based on domain personal permissions are visible ! . As soon as 
I remove 'hide unreadable' in the smb.conf section all the folders show 
up. But this is not desirable .
Does anyone know why Vista behaves differently ? Some security setting ?
Kind regards,
Met vriendelijke groet,

Frank Groen
aanw: ma. woe.
f.groen at oba.nl

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