[Samba] Samba 3.5 slow. Help with benchmarks !

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Mon Mar 15 03:15:12 MDT 2010

also test with connection between another linux node and server:

LinuxNode02 -> Server : NFS 

LinuxNode02:~ # time cp -v /4GB_test.file /Server/Projects/
`/4GB_test.file' -> `/Server/Projects/4GB_test.file'

real    0m59.831s
user    0m0.120s
sys     0m7.692s

approx.speed = 69.4 MB/sec
Same server same file but trough SMB:
LinuxNode02 -> Server : SMB
LinuxNode02 :~ # time cp -v /4GB_test.file /mnt/Server/
`/4GB_test.file' -> `/mnt/Server/4GB_test.file'

real    2m58.724s
user    0m0.072s
sys     0m16.889s

approx.speed = 22.8 MB/sec

Same server and client. Same file. Same disk - RAID5. Same OS, but transfer
to SAMBA is very slow.
What can i do ?

Of course i try to setup samba on another computer and start to test it:
LinuxNode02:~ # time cp -v /4GB_test.file /mnt/Server2/test/4GB_test.file
`/4GB_test.file' -> `/mnt/Server2/test/4GB_test.file'

real    2m42.480s
user    0m0.108s
sys     0m17.373s

approx.speed = 25.8 MB/sec

Another server, same speed, just a little bit faster. I think this because
Server2 - 8core Xeon, 8 Gb RAM, and 3 sata2 HDD - XFS filesystems. 

SAMBA speed is very very slower instead of FTP and NFS. 
What solutions, or where i can find it? May be some standard benchmarks?
Can SAMBA transfer files faster than 25 MB/sec ?
Someone have this transfer speed with SAMBA ? 
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