[Samba] XP clients cannot find profile after logout when re-login

Matt testacc at xs4all.nl
Sat Mar 13 17:02:19 MST 2010

I'm facing a problem with logins on XP (only used by now) clients when a 
user has logged out first.

The user starts his PC, he is able to login to the domain and igets his 
profile in a proper way. Now the user wants to logout, he get's the 
login screen again, he tries to login again and the message appears that 
"windows was not able to find the profile. Please contact your sysadmin 
or check your network".

It seems that all connections to the PDC are closed/removed after the 
user logs out. When the user restarts his PC, he is able to login again.

It's known that a Client needs to have some connection to the PDC to 
actually check the login details and get the profile, this part seems to 
be closed when the user logsoff.

I'm lost in finding a solution for this as most "Can't find profile 
errors" are based on usernames or whatever don't exist on Linux, but 
this is all good and works.

What I have changed in the config is that all Paths that you can 
redirect to the userhome using a NTConfig.pol are set to the server and 
after this, this problem started.

I hope someone can help out.

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