[Samba] windows 7 64 bit driver <-> samba 3.5.0

christoph.beyer at desy.de christoph.beyer at desy.de
Thu Mar 11 07:55:10 MST 2010


I just installed 3.5.0 and everything looks fine so far :)

I can install drivers from a WIN xp host and use them on the clients as 
expected. From windows 7 though I don't get the same behaviour. I use the 
print management console and can edit the 'advanced' tab of the printers 
in question, also changing the driver is no problem. I see some new dirs 
under [print$]x64 afterwards but they are all empty. When I try to use the 
printer it says that no driver is installed.

Are there any tricks to get the drivers installed correctly ?


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