[Samba] User Permissions on Trusted Domains

Richard Lamboj richard.lamboj at bilcom.at
Thu Mar 11 07:21:49 MST 2010


i have two Questions about Permissions in Trusted Domain.

1.) When User1 from the Domain1 creates a File in a share from antoher 
Domain(Trusted Domain) - lets call it Domain2 - than the File has the 
following Owner: "DOMAIN2\root" and not "DOMAIN1\user1". So "force user = %U" 
does not work and removing this Option won't work too. But the Group settings 
are correct, so the permissions for the Group are "DOMAIN1\Domain Users".

2.) How can i permit a User from a Trusted Domain to be Admin in the Local 
Domain? The User "DOMAIN2\hans" should be Admin in the Domain "DOMAIN1".

Kind Regards


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