[Samba] Authentication problem

Luiz Gustavo P Tonello gustavo.tonello at gmail.com
Wed Mar 10 12:48:15 MST 2010

Hi folks!

In my company we have LDAP master and slave, with samba work at slave server.
My environment  was migrated for Samba 3.4.5 when will support Windows 7, right?
Another machine for the two server's, configs migrated and work fine.

I can put new machine at domain, and login with any user, but, in my test, I've had out the machine from domain and put then again for work fine.
Well, I not pretend pull out all machines and ingress again on my domain.

I've tried change the attribute sambaNTPassword (changed for the same at old server), but I don't have success.
The sambaSID it's OK.

How can I just login at domain, without remove this machine and put on domain?

Any ideas with this problem?
What I change or verify for solved this problem?

Luiz Gustavo P Tonello.

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