[Samba] 3.4.6 slow access to shares ?

Adam Tauno Williams awilliam at whitemice.org
Wed Mar 10 04:31:16 MST 2010

On Wed, 2010-03-10 at 11:22 +0100, Frank Bonnet wrote:
> On 03/10/10 10:47, Richard Lamboj
> >> We recently upgraded our samba server from 3.4.3 to 3.4.6 and I noticed
> >> shares access became much more slow than before.
> >> Shares are living on local disks.
> >> the machine is an HP proliant DL380G5 with 16 Gb RAM and runs
> >> Linux Debian lenny 64 bits. The samba software was compiled on
> >> the machine.
> > just the share access, or file access too? Whats with your "socket options" in the smb.conf.
> shares AND files
> socket options = TCP_NODELAY

Remove all "socket options" statements from all smb.conf files unless
you are *intimately* familiar with both (a) your particular OS' IP stack
and (b) how Samba handles sockets.

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